Full Stack Developer: What is and How to become | Complete Guide
Mar 28

Full Stack Developer: What is and How to become

Full Stack Developer: Software or Web developer who works on both client-side and server-side. This means that they can tackle projects including database, Server, API, Fronted Technology, Backend Programming Language.

In fact, “Full Stack” means the collection of technology required to complete the project.

The main concepts of Full Stack Developer are more confusing because of the way to show in the job posting. Mainly at the OSCON conference, Facebook said that they only hire Full Stack Developer. After that, These topics become a headline.

Before going to the main topics, We will learn about the Full Stack Engineer in short.

Full Stack Engineer is the senior-level role that has the ability as Full-stack Developer and in addition to the system administration i.e. configuring and managing computer systems and networks.

The skill required to Become Full Stack Developer

Skill For Full Stack Developer
  • Front-end Technology: They must have a set of knowledge in front-end technology like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other libraries like jQuery, Angular and React Js, etc.
  • Backend Programming Language: They must have knowledge of at least one of the backend programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.
  • Database: Having knowledge of DBMS technology is also another step to becoming such a Developer. One should have knowledge of some popular technology such as MYSQL, SQLServer, MongoDb, Oracle, etc.
  • Version Control System(VCS): It allows them to track all the changes in the codebase. The knowledge of Git helps developers to tack all the changes in code and also to modify code.
  • API: They must have knowledge of API Services. They must have knowledge of the creation of REST and SOAP services.

Should I Become Full Stack Developer

As we already know, It means the one that can work on both front-end technology and backend programming language. Now question is that Should I become a Full Static Developer?

Not Necessary

If you are planning to work on major technology companies like Facebook or Google then This is the right one to get into these companies. but not all the people hired by these companies are Full Stack Developers.

If you are interested in learning front-end technology and backend programming language then it is better to proceed towards the such developer.

I will discuss here some advantages and disadvantages of becoming a such Developer.


  • They must have knowledge of both Front-end technology and Backend programming language that helps to easily solve the problems.
  • Such a Developer can provide helps to maximum members.
  • Reduce the cost of projects
  • Can switch Fronted and Backend as a requirement
  • A better knowledge of new and upcoming technology


  • May performs worse than an expert. If someone is learning certain programming for more years then he has a deeper known in that programming than the person who has focused on many programming languages.
  • Difficult to learn something deeper because of insufficient time and permanently overloaded.

Average Salary of Full Stack Developer

The average salary is $111,887 per year in the US according to indeed. Indeed has 14,470 job vacancy in the US. We can say that it is one of the demanding jobs in the US.

In the end, Full Stack Developer means the one that can work on both front-end technology and backend programming language. This job is one of the most demanded jobs in the US. So, It is in your hand whether to become a Full Stack Developer or not.