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Mar 28

Most In-Demand Popular Programming Language

There are around 600+ programming languages. You have to learn one of them to make your programming career. Knowing the most popular programming language helps you to get your future dream job. So, In this article, We will explain the most popular programming Language.

Which program should I learn?

So, Which program should I learn?? If you are a senior programmer and if you know several programming languages then you can learn the latest programming language. but, If you are a beginner programmer, then It is wise to learn one of the best and established programming languages.  Here, I have listed the top popular programming based on the following criteria.

  • Top Ranked
  • Popularity
  • Job Prospective
  • Learning Difficulty

1. Python

Python is one of the best and most popular programming languages that every developer should learn?. This language is easy to learn, fast, and provides a well-structured code. 

Python is used in the Web application, Mobile application development, GUI based Desktop applications, Artificial Intelligencedata science, and network servers. Top Web applications build using python are Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more.

It has excellent library support and a large developer community group. 

Python Popularity
Python Popularity

It is the most demanding programming language in the USA Job market according to Indeed. Python developers are highly paid than other programmers.

According to google trends, The popularity of Python is increasing.

Python Trending | popular programming language
Python Trending

2. JavaScript / NodeJS

Javascript (or NodeJS) is one of the most popular programming languages for the developer who wants to develop client-side or server-side applications.  

Many companies are using NodeJS which is a Javascript runtime environment. NodeJS helps the developer to use javascript as a server-side scripting language to create a dynamic web page. It is compatible with other programming languages also.

Learning javascript makes sense because it is omnipresent today’s digital environment and also It is the king of browser programming.

Javascript Trending | popular programming language
Source : Google Trends

According to Indeed, Javascript is the third most demanding programming language in the USA Job market.

3. Java

Java is also the most popular programming language. It is using by many popular companies to work on the server-side. It is mainly used to develop mobile applications.

Java is the Object-oriented programming language so, it is easily manageable and has a high level of security. Java is mainly used in:

  • Software Development
  • Android App Development
  • Video Game Development
  • Graphics user interface
Java Trending | popular programming language
Source : Google Trends

According to Indeed, Java is the 2nd most demanding programming language in the USA Job market.

4. C#

Microsoft creates object-oriented C like a programming language. C# runs in Virtual Machines like Java.

In the early days, C# is criticizing as an imitation of Java but nowadays, It is using on different platforms. C# is using not only in the Windows platform, but It is also using in the Android/IOS platform. Nowadays, It is also using in Linux.

C# Trending | popular programming language
Source : Google Trends

5. PHP

It is a widely used, open-source, server-side scripting language that is used to develop static websites, dynamic websites, and Web applications. PHP stands for Personal Home Page, nowadays it stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

With the rise of NodeJS on Web application development, It is losing its popularity. It will not die soon but the popularity is gradually decreasing. According to the google trends, 

PHP Trending
Source : Google Trends

6. C/C++

Dennis Ritchie first created C++ as an extension of C, adding object-oriented features. Like C, C++ uses low memory and is directly compile into machine instructions.

C++ provides full control over the hardware. C++ offers many featured and also considered as the most complicated programming to master. Today, C++ is the most used programming language in industrial fields.

C++ programming is mainly used in System Programming, Game Development, IoT and Real-Time System, Machine Learning, and many more. Developers are showing stable interest in the last 5 years on C++ according to google trends.

Source : Google Trends

According to Indeed, C++ is the 4th most demanding programming language in the USA market.

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7. Swift

Apple Engineers develops a new popular programming language i.e swift to replace Objective-C in Mac and IOS. Swift is a general-purpose programming language that provides high developer productivity.

Like others, Swift is also the most popular programming language. According to google trends, The popularity of swift goes on increasing.

Source : Google Trends

Swift Uses:

  • iOs Application Development
  • System Programming
  • Client-Side Development
  • Deep Learning

According to Indeed, C++ is the 9th most demanding programming language in the USA market.

8. Kotlin

Kotlin is a general-purpose popular programming language used to develop Android Applications. Google announces the Kotlin as the official language to develop Android Application.  Before that, Java is the official language. Kolin is also treated as an alternative to Java.

Kotlin is easy to learn, open-source, and has a huge developer community. So, If you want to be an Android Developer then you should learn Kotlin.

According to google trends, Its popularity is going on increasing in the last 5 years.

Kotlin Popularity | popular programming language
Source : Google Trends

9. R

R is also open-source popular programming language. We can say R is the different version of S programming language. Each code that is written in R by the developer also runs in S without any modification.

Mainly, application written in R programming languages are using for processing statistics, calculation, testing, analysis and many more. Application coded with R programming language can analyze the structure and unstructured data.

According to google trends, Its popularity is almost same in the last 12 months.

Source : Google Trends

R is mostly used for analytics and annual salary of R developer is around $91000.

10. GO

GO is also one popular programming language developed by the google. In today trends, GO is the fast growing programming language due to its simplicity and ability to handle multicore and network system.

GO is also known as Golang and it is develop in order to fulfill the requirement of developer to work in large projects.


All the coders or programmers do not satisfy with learning a new popular programming language. Use this reference to learn new popular programming that makes your career grow.