Top Most Asked Interview Questions and answers for Programmer
Mar 282021

Most Asked Interview Questions-Answers for Programmer

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If you are preparing for an interview, then You may consider which question the interviewer may ask to you. Here, I will discuss the top most asked interview questions and answers for programmers. Noone one knows, From which topics you will be asked but also we will cover most asked top most asked interview questions and answers.

There are two types of approaches that the interviewer will ask you.

  • Personal Questions
  • Practical Question

In this article, We will focus on both approaches.

Common Personal Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me about yourself

Your interviewer may start your interview with this question. The interviewer wants to know your background information. Provide the current activities information and also important and relevant highlight that makes you most qualified for this position.

2. Why do you want to work here?

The major intension of asking this question is to know whether or not you research companies and to know why you think that you are perfect for this position.

3. Why should we hire you?

If the interviewer asks this question to you, You must know that interviewer gave you the next chance to explain why you are best for this position. So, Your answer should explain your experiences and skills that you can offers.

4. How do you handle stress?

If the interviewer asks this question to you then the interviewer wants to know about your ability to solve the problem.  Any company wants their employer to take stress in a constructive manner. So, your answer points towards your personal growth.

Common Interview Questions for Programmers

There are many questions that the interviewer may ask which are common for all programmers whatever which program they used to code.

1. How many programming that you can work?

The interviewer wants to know how many programs you know. for this question, You must explain the number of programs that you can code. And also instead of writing a single line of code for single programming, It is better to explain the projects that you have work.


Now we will provide you questions that do not contain answers and tips. But we provide the questions with different topics.

I) String Programming Interview Questions

The string is the data type that is most common in all programming languages. So, You must know the question that you may ask related to a string.

  • Check String is palindrome or not?
  • Remove any given character from string
  • Find the longest palindrome from a given string
  • Find out the non-repetitive character from string
  • Count the occurrence of given character from string

II) Array Programming Interview Questions

The Array is a topic that you must learn in all programming languages. I have included only some questions that are hard to solve. Some programming Array questions are challenging and difficult to solve. But don’t worry we will provide useful tips.

  • Check Duplicate number from Array
  • Find out the when number is not presented in the second array between two array
  • Find second-highest number in the array
  • Remove duplicate number from the array
  • Two Highest number in the array
  • Sorting Array Values in Ascending and Descending order

III) Numbers Programming Interview Questions

Here, We will discuss the most common problems that the program faced related to numbers. Many experienced programmers also faced difficulty in solving the problem related to numbers.

  • Determine Whether Number is the power of 2 or not
  • Check Number is palindrome or not
  • Find out the Number is Armstrong or not
  • Prints prime number up to given number
  • Print Nth Fibonacci numbers
  • Check if the number is binary
  • find out the prime factor of a given number

Ready for Interview

These are some most top most asked common interview questions and answers for programmers. 

I have shared a lot of questions if you read it carefully. These are the question you must know before going through your interview.

These are the common question related to personal information, Data, structure, and algorithms questions and tips that you should know to succeed in any company whether that is big, medium, or small.

The main key to success in an interview is that you must have knowledge of data and structure and algorithms. 

This much for this article, If you are going for your interview we will best wishes for your success. If you like this article, please share this article with your friends, and if you got any difficulty in any question then comment below. Our team will definitely solve your problem.

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